Security lighting for Berkshire homes

At IAS Services, our trained and experienced team can install and maintain highly effective security lighting at your Berkshire home that helps to capture would-be criminals in the act. Utilising motion sensors, our exterior lighting options can be an excellent method of deterring criminals from attempting to enter your home.

We have installed security lighting at home across Berkshire, including Woking, Slough and Maidenhead, and are on hand to provide advice around the best solutions for you. With lots of exterior lighting options out there, it can be tricky to know what’s best for your home, however we’re on hand to take any of this worry away.

Integrated security lights for your home

Our skilled team can help to integrate your new security lighting with any other security measures you have in place, such as CCTV, to ensure you end up with an all-encompassing package.

Just some of the security lighting options available to you include:

  • LED white lighting- A low energy consumption option
  • Low voltage lighting- Working on a lower voltage, making it particularly effective around areas with water
  • Infrared lighting- Providing a light which is invisible to the eye but will be picked up on CCTV cameras

To find out more about our security lighting and run through the best type of lighting to meet your needs, get in touch with our team today.

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